Holistic Health Remedies For Migraines

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016 in Health

Over the years I have suffered from pain and sometimes debilitating effects of migraine headaches. Often, they last for several days. At one point, there is no day that goes by without my having a headache of some sort. Dealing with daily pain makes it difficult to live a happy and productive.

Finally, I’m tired of wasting so much time to feel comfortable. I have been diligently looking for a way to heal my pain. My primary care doctor can only hand me a prescription. No suggestions to prevent headaches from occurring in the first place.

ache, adult, depressionDesperate, I myself tested for allergies. Low and behold, he found that I have allergies to both dogs, the pride and joy of my children. I also discovered that I was allergic to dairy products and eggs. To try to solve the problem of dog allergies, we bought air purifiers and placing them around the house. Fortunately, the situation improves. I do not know how I will face my children with the news that we must surrender our beloved pets. Fortunately, a confrontation that does not need to happen.

The next changes I made was to eliminate dairy products and eggs from my diet. This is complicated such as eggs and dairy products appear in so many foods. So, basically, I have to cut processed foods as well.

That kind of magic. The nasal congestion is annoying that I have been suffering since I was 9 years old was appointed and I could breathe normally again. Plus, I see a direct reduction of about 90% in the frequency of migraine headaches.

Eliminating these foods from my diet now made it easier for me to determine the trigger when I get a headache. Since I have so many food sensitivities and additives, helping to become more aware of what I need to avoid.

Moreover, I find that there is a very effective solution for migraine are available through the use of alternative medicine. I am determined to eliminate the prescription drug that I was occasionally forced to take in order to relieve my migraine headaches.

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